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Sensible Research is an active research institute that emphasises applied studies in environmental economics and public economics. Lately, much of our published work has been interdisciplinary research on the co-benefits of climate interventions in China. However, we are even interested in problems in developed country as well as theoretical issues.  



The research of Sensible Research covers microeconomic and macroeconomic fields.








Environmental pollution in China: Status and trends (2009)



Benefits and costs to China of three different climate treaties (2009)



Environmental impacts of China's WTO accession (2008)



Benefifts and costs to China of a climate policy (2007)



Environmental economic impact assessment in China: Problems and prospects (2007)



A portfolio approach to climate investments: CAPM and endogenous risk (2007)



Domestic environmental benefits of China's energy related CDM potential (2006)



Climate change and air quality - measures with co-benefits in China (2006)



En jord der blomster gror, kan de ønske mer? Miljø og utvikling i Kina (2006)



Cleaner production as climate investment - integrated assessment in Taiyuan, China (2005)



Co-benefits of climate policy - lessons learned from a case study in Shanxi, China (2004)



OECD Report (2003)





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Sensible Research is an independent institute for analysis and research in economics.


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